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Surreal locations and elusive wildlife

After three days of driving through the high altitude mountains and deserts with no signboards anywhere, I finally reached the lake next to a volcano situated on the border region of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

The surreal fact about this lake, which is at 14,200 feet, is that it doesn't freeze even at -20 deg Celsius due to a high concentration of sulfur, lead, and arsenic.

Another interesting fact is that with moderate wind speed the color of the lake turns emerald green but then you don't get the reflection of the volcano on the lake. You can see that in the last picture.

Though I rarely saw humans on the way, I came across a variety of wildlife including Flamingos, Emus, Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas, and some endangered birds. I will share some great shots of them in the future.

Hope you like the pictures! Leave a comment if you have a special interest in a type of nature or landscape photography. Or you would like me to provide more details about these places. Happy to share more such surreal places, which inspire people to travel and experience life.

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