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S a n k e t  S h a r m a

Traveler & Photographer

Sanket Sharma

Traveler and photographer specialising in nature, culture and adventure photography

Sanket Sharma was born in Jaipur, India, and spent his first decade in India before moving to Nizwa, Oman for the rest of his school years. He later moved to the US for his MBA in 2012 and since then has been living in Boston, US. He began photography when he first went to Europe at the age of 13 with his elder brother who was then 15 years old. Having lived, traveled, and/or worked in 5 continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia) and grown up in different cultures, his preferred mode of communication is through visuals. 


He bought his first camera in 1999. As his interest grew and the quality of his pictures improved, he carried his camera to some of the remotest places around the world to create awareness about those places. His belief is that the world's ice is melting faster than ever before, countries are being leveled sooner than you can imagine, diversity no longer exists in most countries. It is time you step out, breathe some fresh air, and explore new places before it is too late to travel. Meet new people, eat different cuisines, experience different cultures and while you do all this, ask yourself what life means to you. My purpose in life is to capture and share visuals that inspire others to travel, explore, and protect the planet earth.


When not traveling or working on a next photographic adventure, I enjoy time at home with my two daughters, play board games with friends, fly light aircraft or follow political news/analysis/opinion. 

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Cumberland, RI

Wife, Shipra Sharma

MBA (Babson College, US), B.Tech (IIIT-H)

Mutton Rogan Josh

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