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Can the human race live forever on Earth?

How does Mars look like? Some of these thoughts crossed my mind a few times in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak. Though I have high hopes that humans will collectively defeat the invisible enemy but will wild animals be if it spreads in them? Would there be no pandemics in the future? There are endless unanswered questions running in my mind.

One of the places I have traveled that comes close to my imagination of Mars is Sol De Mañana situated at about 5000 meters and surrounded by active volcanos. It is a cold, deserted and seismically active location. The steam coming out of the earth on the right-bottom corner goes up 100 feet. What an amazing experience living on Mars will be if my imagination of Mars is true.

Please stay safe and keep your near and dear ones safe by staying indoors as much as you can. We will fight, fight together, together we will win!!

As promised to you, I will continue to share one location every weekend as part of my 2020 resolution on my Facebook page, Instagram and also on my webpage. Please hit follow/like to stay connected.


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