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Altiplano region of South America

This is one of the shots I took in the Altiplano region of South America situated at 5000 meters. I reached here in the dark with a hope to capture the blood-red color of the lake but it wasn’t until afternoon when a slight wind and bright sun turned the lake into a scene I had never witnessed before.

I noticed four alpacas walking along the lake at an equal distance, and I thought it could make for an interesting foreground if they come in the frame with flamingos in the blood-red colored lake and volcano in the background.

I set my camera, waited for the moment and as soon as the scene was ready, I took the shot. I was rewarded with what you see.

Info: The lake contains borax islands, whose white color contrasts with the reddish color of its waters, which is caused by red sediments and pigmentation of some algae.

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