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10,000 miler road trip, covering US and Mexico

A journey of 16,095 km, uncovering all the important national parks, major cities, and national monuments from 2 Countries and 27 States in 27 Days... It was quite a trip this time. Hope you guys like it.. thx

The Four Seasons - Boston

Maybe this picture can answer the question that I have been asked quite often - 'Four years in Boston and still madly in love with it's climate! How come?'

I could barely describe in words the constant transition from one season to another. Despite Boston's bizarre weather, which we all love to hate, there is something positive and deeper that always makes us look forward to coming weekend or vacation.

Fall, which we are officially into starting last week, has its own charm of colorful leaves, apple picking and thanksgiving. It is also my favorite of the all 4 seasons.

After fall comes the winter, which some may call it the most painful times but this is the time for skiing, catching up with TV series, hot chocolates and few snowstorms (may be few more ;) ).

After months of struggling to keep ourselves warm, comes the spring. The smell of freshness and life in the air makes me go crazy. First thing I do when I step out for a morning walk is to take a deep breath and smell barks and leaves just like a sniffer dog. Rabbits running around the backyard and the sound of birds chirping gives me a sense of meditation.

Then arrives Summer of Boston, which reminds me of my home for its intense heat, beach hangouts, barbeques and campings. It is this weather that keeps the life of Bostonians happening.

Next time if someone asks you 'What is so special about Boston?' and you are short of words, show them this picture :). Hope you like it. It took me 15 trips over a period of 12 months and 500 pictures to get what you see. Feel free to share it.

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