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Natural pools in middle of nowhere

This week last year, I was away from Boston's cold. I was in Chile on my search for places that are quite remote, surreal, and lesser-known to people as I always do.

I was spending a night in a very small town in the North where the locals informed me about a mysterious place, which is hard to reach but worth attempting. There are several pools in that location with different colors, crystal-clear hyper-saline water, and some pools containing harmful bacteria.

No wonder it was hard to reach as it was in the middle of nowhere and I lost two of the suspensions of my SUV due to off-roading. Despite the risk of a complete breakdown, I still pursued and it was honestly worth it in the end.

The pleasure of lying in a natural pool that has such a high salt concentration and keeps your body float is beyond the experience of any 5-star pool pictures we see on the internet.

Hope you like this. Spend a wonderful time with your family today. Myra, my daughter is eagerly waiting for everyone to wake up so she can get her Halloween surprise.

I would love to stay connected with you on Sanket Sharma Photography. If you haven't followed yet, please do. To see more such surreal places, you can check out my Insta page:


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