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"Supernatural Experience" - Bolivia

I slept through the night under the sky to wake up before sunrise and begin my trek to a nearby dormant volcano summit, which is at 17,500 feet. At about 15,000 feet, when the sun was just little over the horizon, I came across a cave. It was located 5 meters under earth and sunlight could pass through its porous wall facing the sun.

As I stepped into the cave, I was thrilled to see a mummy. I took a few more steps and saw a few more mummies. And then so many of them. Their bodies were preserved as good as the mummies I had seen in Egypt. The difference is that these bodies are still in their place of origin and not in a museum.

I being the only one in the cave with these mummies, was going through several emotional feelings. On one hand, as a photographer, I wanted to capture the mother and the two children lying next to each other so well that my photo speaks for the love and affection among them when they were alive. On the other hand, I wanted to sit there, do nothing, and simply experience the energy within the cave for hours.

Locals informed that these mummies are over 2000 years old. They stayed preserved because of the harsh climatic conditions (salty, dry and cold)

As part of my 2020 resolution, I will continue to share one surreal place every week. You can follow me at:


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