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Stunning Drone or Aerial 4K Footage of Cape Cod USA | Turquoise Water Estuary | Surreal Yet So Real

In the last 9 years, I have been to Cape Cod, MA a million times but never heard about the place in video from anyone. Last weekend, I again happened to be in Cape, looking for a secluded place due to COVID to spend some quality time with my family. This is when I stumbled upon this estuary. I wonder how could I miss this location for so long and why very few people know about this place.

At more than 3000 meters long, the Nauset Estuary of MA, USA has become my favorite location for bird watching and Kayaking in US.

If you happen to be in Cape, you must check out this place. Also, bring your own Kayak and sail gently through the serpentine lagoons and turquoise colored distributaries.

Hope you like it. If you do, you may want to follow Sanket Sharma Photography for more such surreal places on the Earth.

PS: Apologies for the quality of the video on Youtube. I have a 4K version on my system and it's super sharp.


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