Skógafoss, Iceland
One evening at New York
In the lap of nature
Plane wreck on Black Beach, Iceland
Giza Pyramids, Egypt
Sunset Silhouette at Jerash, Jordan
Vik Cave, Iceland

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People are the reason for everything we do. In this busy life we sometimes forget that time is the most precious gift that you can give to someone. So I try to make that little free time even more memorable through my peppy photography.  

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Giza Pyramids, Egypt

This was shot right at the edge of pyramid. Also my favourite couple pic of the trip. Intereseting story: At the end of the twelfth century Saladin's son and heir, attempted to demolish the pyramids, starting with Menkaure's. The workmen whom Al-Aziz had recruited to demolish the pyramid found it almost as expensive to destroy as to build. They gave up after sticking for 8 months on job.