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S a n k e t  S h a r m a

Traveler & Photographer

Discovering Iceland: an Arctic Adeventure

Perhaps, winters of Iceland couldn't be any more beautiful than this. 

Shipra and I earlier this year went on a photo expedition to the land of fire and ice. A land of 130 volcanoes out of which 30 are considered active. When most people think of Iceland, the first thing that comes to mind is ice, only ice. However, strangely enough, Iceland isn't just about ice. 

In almost two weeks, we didn't/couldn't stay even a single night in a hotel room. In order to capture northern lights in the night and early morning sunrise at some remote waterfall, we decided to rent and sleep in campervan (though not advisable in winters). Temperature inside the van at night was as low as -25 °C.

Well, all in all, it was worth the efforts and kudos to Shipra for taking all the bone chilling wind right on her face and still remained unmoved. 

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Honeymoon in war-torn Middle East..

Shipra and I visited Egypt, Jordan and Turkey (3 most beautiful countries of Middle East) in November and December, last year. I must applaud Shipra’s courage to accept my proposal of visiting war-torn Middle East for honeymoon. As we all witnessed over the past few years, Middle East has changed quite rapidly. So, before all is lost and rebels take over the control, I wanted to capture its unbound beauty of ancient civilization. 

Each time I share an album, I urge my friends and others to take up traveling as a hobby. I hope I have been successful to some extent over the last few years. This album is one such effort in that direction.

If interested, I have shared one of our few interesting incidents from the trip:

10,000 miler road trip, covering US and Mexico

A journey of 16,095 kms, uncovering all the important national parks, major cities and national monuments from 2 Countries and 27 States in 27 Days... It was quite a trip this time.. Hope you guys like it.. thx

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